First blog post

P Ellora carving loving couple
Ellora caves, India. Sweet, sweet love

Aggie Stevens has looked for love all over the world. Um – other people’s love lives; not her own. As a world traveler, she has spoken to thousands of people about what they want in their relationships and in their lives. This rich store of anecdotes, along with magic and mysticism, finds its way into her stories. Whether it’s a rollicking small-town romance or a brooding historical epic, the story delves into what matters most to the heart.

As a newspaper reporter, she has chatted with compassionate judges and criminal jerks; with young ballerinas, sexy opera tenors and fading stage stars. As an airport operations officer, she’s been behind the scenes in international airports. She’s been an advertising manager and part-time psychic, although the latter skill hasn’t done much for her own private love life.

Aggie mines the richness of life to bring you stories about the splendor of love.

She lives in Southern British Columbia, very close to the mysterious, huge Lake Okanagan. If you’re looking for her during the summer, check the beach.


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